Student Scholarships

NJAGC offers students the opportunity to apply for two scholarships:

1.The Barbara Swicord Scholarship -  provides discretionary funds for tuition assistance to current NJAGC members' children who are currently in grades K-12. These funds are to be used for programs and educational opportunities outside of regular school attendance for the purpose of enhancing, developing or supplementing skills, talents and/or abilities of the applicant.  Award amounts would range up to $250, but not exceed 75% of the total tuition amount. One submission per family will be accepted. Click here for additional information. Application form.  

2. The Lisa A. DeMarzo-Rabke Parent-Child Scholarship - created in memory of Lisa DeMarzo-Rabke, a former NJAGC trustee. This scholarship will be presented to a family whose child is in a G&T program in their school district, grades K-6. It will provide a family who may not otherwise be able to afford it, the opportunity to take part in NJAGC's REACH. Recommendations must come through school principals, counselors or teachers. Multiple scholarhsip will be available for REACH 2018. Click here for the  Lisa A. DeMarzo Rabke Parent/Child Scholarship  application form.